Ausup sound originated in France in eighteenth Century, was the French royal luxury top sound.

In 1886 north of Strasbourg, France a music loving wealthy banker Austen to find the away at his German friends Suprague - a keen of electro acoustic technology, well-known acoustic engineers. Together they founded the factory. At first only to complete their own ideals, they developed the top HIFI sound, in an occasional chance they met the king, so they will be the latest research and development works as a gift to the king, soon their works were highly recognized by the king and the royal family, and for it to give the name "Ausupome", meaning: Austen and Suprague to create as good as poetry. And designated Ausupome was used by the royal family at that time.

In 1898, they set up their company, and they grew their R & D team, began to enter the entertainment sound system, performing sound systems, theater sound system, and other audio systems.

In 2003, the company decided to name it "Ausup", and began to enter the Chinese market, and in the relatively rich resources of the sound - Panyu, Guangzhou, established its own R & D base.

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